Some drinks sound harmless but can sabotage your diet and your health. Discover some of the drinks to avoid.

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Avoid these drinks

Stay Away from These 5 Drinks

While a glass of cola or a special coffee drink may sound pretty harmless, when you consider what’s actually in these drinks you’ll quickly realize why they can be poor choices. The wrong beverage choices can easily pack on extra pounds, and some drinks come with more serious disadvantages. As you’re pursuing better body and brain health, here are a few drinks you should avoid.

1 – Sugary Coffee Drinks
While a cup of coffee can be a great – and low-calorie – way to start off your day, once you start adding in things to flavor it up, it can turn into a calorie bomb quickly. Flavored syrups, whipped cream, and other add-ins can leave you with a drink that’s packed with 500, 1000, or even more calories.

2 – Energy Drinks
When you’re dragging through the day, resist the urge to knock back an energy drink. They’re loaded with both sugar and caffeine. Energy drinks are known to be unsafe, and they can also lead to caffeine intoxication, which causes jittering feelings, irregular or increased heartbeat, and trouble sleeping.

3 – Diet Drinks
Sure, you know sugared colas are bad for you, but those diet sodas, lemonades, and teas aren’t ideal either. Most are packed with artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame. These sweeteners can contribute to weight gain and other issues, and they also train your taste buds to crave sweetness.

4 – Bottled Teas
Bottled teas often have as much sugar as sodas. While you think you’re getting a healthier drink, the healthy polyphenols you think come with tea are often nonexistent in bottled teas stored for some time. Brew your own tea at home to get real benefits and skip the sugar.

5 – Fruit Juices
Yes, fruit juices sound healthy – they have lots of vitamins in them. The problem is they’re packed with calories and you miss out on all the fiber that fills you up when you eat a piece of fruit. That sugar can also make your blood sugar rise rapidly. Skip the fruit juice and opt for a real piece of fruit instead.

Taking care of your body includes choosing your drinks, foods, activities, and supplements wisely. Do something to take care of your brain today by adding the Prevagen supplement to your daily routine to boost memory and brain health.


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