Changes you can make to improve brain health and lower your risk of age-related cognitive decline.

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love your brain

4 Ways to Love Your Brain

Did you know that simply making a few lifestyle changes can improve brain health and lower your risk of age-related cognitive decline? Changing your daily habits can make a huge difference for both your body and brain. Get started today by implementing these four ways to love your brain into your life.

1 – Start Sweating
Exercising regularly and breaking a sweat increases your heart rate, which boosts blood flow throughout your body and to your brain. Researchers have discovered there’s a significant link between breaking a sweat with cardiovascular exercise and a lower risk of cognitive decline as you age.

2 – Use Food for Fuel
You probably know that healthy foods fuel your body, but you also need to consider your brain when picking out the best foods. Love your brain by choosing a balanced, healthy diet high in fruits and veggies and lower in unhealthy fats. Certain diets, such as the Mediterranean-DASH diet and the Mediterranean diet may boost brain health.

3 – Challenge the Brain
Your brain needs a challenge to stay in great shape, just like you need to challenge your muscles to keep them in shape. Choose activities that activate and challenge the mind. Work on a jigsaw puzzle, paint a beautiful picture, build furniture, learn a new language, or play strategic games that really make you think. Regularly challenging your brain comes with both short- and long-term benefits.

4 – Find Friends
If you want to love your brain, find more friends. Staying engaged socially helps support your brain health. Choose social activities you enjoy, such as doing a hobby with a friend or taking an exercise class with others. Get involved in your community by volunteering or get involved in a local choir if you love music. Sharing activities with family members and friends helps, too.

Other ways to care for your brain include caring for heart health, kicking the smoking habit, getting enough sleep, and caring for your mental health. You can also boost brain health by adding Prevagen to your daily routine. It’s a supplement that helps improve memory and it’s pharmacist recommended, offering another great way to love your brain.


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