Discover some of the most common unhealthy habits and easy action steps you can follow.

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Unhealthy Habits

How to Overcome These 4 Unhealthy Habits

You probably know that you have a few unhealthy habits, but you may not be aware of how bad they really are for you. Unhealthy lifestyle choices like eating too much junk food, watching too much TV, and not exercising are all too common amongst us. The good news – you can overcome these habits with a bit of work to start living a healthier, happy life.

Unhealthy Habit #1 – Junk Food
Junk food tastes so good. But those junk food favorites like pizzas, fries, chips, and cookies can lead to weight gain and ultimately, health problems. To overcome this habit, start by cutting back on how much junk food you’re eating. You can still have favorites now and then, just only indulge once a month or once a week.

Unhealthy Habit #2 – Not Exercising
It’s easy to come up with excuses for not exercising, but failing to exercise has big consequences on your heart health and overall health. If a lack of time is a problem, break up your exercise time into 10- to 15-minute walks or other activities. Does boredom keep you from sticking to a plan? Change up your routine regularly or work out in a group or with friends. If you hate the gym or don’t want to pay for one, try activities you can do at home, such as jogging, bodyweight exercises, or walking.

Unhealthy Habit #3 – Poor Posture
Poor posture often results in aches and pains in the shoulders, neck, and back, and it commonly leads to tension headaches. Not sure if you’re slouching? Look at yourself in the mirror. Your head should be pulled back, shoulders should be back and down, and it should almost feel like you’re sticking your chest out. If you find yourself slouching, focus on sitting all the way back in your seat, keep feet flat, and slightly elevate your knees when you’re sitting. Stretching when you get up from a sitting position can also help your posture, since staying in one position for too long fatigues muscles. You can also focus on strengthening your core, which will help you stand and sit taller.

Unhealthy Habit #4 – Too Much TV
Watching too much TV means you’re sitting down too long and not getting enough physical activity. Break the habit by limiting your TV time to two hours or less each day. If you are watching television, make sure you get up and move during commercials. And skip the snacking while watching TV. It’s easy to consume hundreds of calories without even realizing when you’re relaxing in front of the TV.


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