Brain healthy fall foods

The Best Brain Healthy Fall Foods You Can Eat

The days of fresh watermelon, peaches, nectarines, and tomatoes may be ending soon, but that doesn’t mean your days of fresh produce end with summer. The fall harvest offers many new, brain healthy fruits and vegetables. Find out the best fall fruits and vegetables you can eat for your brain health and physical health!

  • Apples.
  • Squash.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Pumpkins.


  1. Apples. Perhaps a staple in the fall diet, apples are one of the best fruits you can eat during this season. So, what exactly makes apples so healthy? Apples are a great source of quercetin. Quercetin is a flavonoid that has been shown to be beneficial for your brain health. Here’s an important thing to remember: eat the skin on apples! That’s where a majority of quercetin is. Next time you’re thinking of what your snack should be, make it an apple. You’ll be glad you did!
  2. Squash. Another fall favorite food is squash. You can enjoy these as a side, or a whole meal and your brain will be enjoying it just as much. Let’s take a look at spaghetti squash in particular. Spaghetti squash is a great source of vitamins B6 and C, which are necessary for brain support. B vitamins in particular play a big role in supporting brain health and memory. Do you want to try a tasty recipe? Try making our brain healthy Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Alfredo.
  3. Brussels sprouts. Perhaps the most dividing on this list. You either love or hate Brussels sprouts, there’s really no in between. For those of you who love these, you’re in luck! Brussels sprouts are an excellent source of vitamin K and C. Another brain health essential is omega fatty acids. If you’re not a fan of Brussels sprouts, maybe this way of preparation could change you: Roast your Brussels sprouts in olive oil (another brain health ingredient!), salt, and pepper in your oven at around 400 degrees for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, drizzle in balsamic vinegar and pop in the oven for another 5 minutes. You may surprise yourself and become a Brussels sprouts fan! You’ll make your brain proud.
  4. Pumpkins. Is it really fall if pumpkins aren’t involved?! Once you’re done carving your pumpkin, make sure you save the seeds! Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc. Zinc is a mineral that is essential for your cognition and memory. These are also high in B vitamins, which you read earlier are necessary for overall brain support. Roast your pumpkin seeds in an oven set at 300 degrees for 30 minutes, after tossing them in olive oil and butter. You’ll have a brain healthy and tasty snack!

Fall has its staple foods, and make sure you take advantage of the fall harvest! Not only will your taste buds be happy, but you’ll be feeding your brain the nutrients it needs. Happy Harvest!