benefits of brunch

Let’s Do Brunch

It’s true: One of the best ways to enjoy a long and happy life is having good friends.

Although your spouse may be your best lifelong friend, that relationship’s a given. We’re talking about those with whom you see or communicate at least once a week. Someone you like being around, knowing the feeling is reciprocated.

Not only is the practice fun, the physical act of sharing time with friends can be both therapeutic and life-extending.

Take for example the recent phenomenon of once-a-week brunches. Although not an event created yesterday, the idea of weekly get-togethers over food has grown.

Driven by a nurturing feeling and being instinctively intuitive, many times a woman becomes the catalyst for a shared meal. Strong-willed and filled with ideas, she realizes how critically important friendships are, and provides the creative push.

A weekly brunch group of 7 to 10 creates a forum for all manner of discussion. And the good maintenance it brings to our mental and physical health is just an added plus.

Besides making us generally healthier, solid platonic relationships can keep the mind sharp-helping us make better decisions. Looking across at a smiling face can also get us through difficult times.

As our relationships build, so does our ability to empathize and return the gesture. We become better listeners, and are more engaging and compassionate, offering solutions. We share our feelings with each other, and feel better as a result.

After all, that’s what friends are for.