Life’s a Beach


Is there anything more relaxing than a trip to the beach? The salty air, the calming sound of the waves, the sun beaming down on you. There is just no place else like it. You’ve probably noticed after a trip to the beach, you feel happy, recharged, and relaxed. That’s because the beach has many positive effects on you, both physically and mentally. Read on for benefits of the beach – and give yourself a reason to make a trip!


How the beach benefits your health:

  1. The beach can help relieve stress. “I really shouldn’t have gone to the beach. I feel more stressed out that ever before!” said no one. There’s a reason why you feel so relaxed after a trip to the beach. Serotonin, the feel-good chemical in your brain, is almost immediately released when you step into the sunshine. Hearing the sound of the waves crashing lulls you into a relaxed state. A relaxed mind is a happy mind!
  2. You get your daily dose of Vitamin D. When you think of the beach, you almost will always associate it with sunshine. One of the main benefits from being in the sun is vitamin D! Vitamin D is believed to boost cognitive function and is also good for muscle, bone, and joint health. Just 15 minutes in the sunlight is enough to get your vitamin D dosage for the day! Remember to put on sunscreen and sunglasses!
  3. You’ll get your exercise. The beach is the perfect place to get your exercise. You’ve noticed that walking on the sand is much more difficult than walking on pavement. That’s because you’re using muscles you don’t normally use while walking on pavement. Swimming in the ocean is a great workout, too! You can burn around 300 calories from just 30 minutes of swimming. Also, let’s face it – a day at the beach is much more enjoyable than a day at the gym!
  4. Seafood. We’ve saved the best for last – the food! When you’re on the beach, there’s likely to be seafood restaurants in the area. Seafood is a great source for omega-3 fatty acids. A lack of omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to increase stress. When you get omega-3 fatty acids into your diet, it can support your brain health!


Go on and plan your next trip to the beach! You’ll be glad you did!