Spring Cleaning

The Many Benefits of Spring Cleaning

The beginning of spring is a great time to open all the windows and do a deep clean. Over the winter months, dust and clutter can accumulate which can impact your overall health and brain health.

Do you have household chores that you have been putting off all winter? Schedule a time to get them done now that spring is on its way!

Here are some health benefits of a spring cleaning:

• Improves your health. Your home does not have time to air out when the windows are closed during the winter month. Cleaning your home of mildew, dust, bugs and mold will improve the air quality in your home.

• Clearing clutter increases focus. Clutter can cause stress and also gathers dust. When you eliminate that clutter you will feel more relaxed and can focus on other tasks.

• Increases productivity. When you do a deep clean of every inch of your home, you can put items that have fallen out of place back where they belong and get rid of things you longer use. Knowing where everything is saves you time, making you more productive!

• Cleaning gets you moving. Rearranging furniture, washing windows, or dusting the whole house all count as some exercise.

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