Prevagen significantly improves sleep quality*

The Prevagen Quality of Life Study was an open-label study of 55 generally healthy participants over a 90 day period measuring changes in overall cognition, quality of sleep, energy, mood, and general health. Changes in performance were measured via a standardized battery of questions.

The results of the study show improved performance across these parameters with particularly striking results on sleep especially for those who reported occasionally having poor sleep at Day 0. In general, participants who rated their sleep as satisfactory or better at Day 0 saw modest improvements in sleep quality during the 90 day study. However, those with occasional poor quality sleep at Day 0 experienced significant improvement.*

The following results show sleep improvements for participants who self-reported occasionally having poor quality of sleep marked by occasional sleeplessness at Day 0. No participants discontinued the study due to an adverse event.

Prevagen increases the amount of sleep

67% of participants increased their sleep while in the study and evaluating their sleep improvement shows they gained an average of 67 minutes per night over the 90 day period, a significant improvement.*

Prevagen decreases nightly wake-ups

Number of waking events per night

There was an immediate and significant decline in nightly wake events at Day 8 to an average 1.9 waking events.

Over 90% of participants experienced better sleep with Prevagen*

Prevagen improves sleep quality

The data shows a fairly rapid response to Prevagen with most improving their sleep quality at the first evaluation point. The improvement continues at each evaluation point with over 90% seeing an improvement at Day 60 and Day 90.

Download the PDF of the full study results.