4 Ways Cooking Utilizes the Brain

Brain Benefits of Cooking

Cooking is an activity that utilizes our brains from planning the meals, to preparing the food, and eating the meals.



4 Ways Cooking Utilizes the Brain

  • Plan & Organize. Cooking uses our planning and organizing skills because once we figure out what we want to make, we have to see what ingredients we already have and what we need to purchase.
  • Motion Control & Hand-Eye Coordination. Kneading, chopping and mixing ingredients requires us to pay attention and use our hand-eye coordination.
  • Multi-Tasking & Concentration Skills. When preparing a meal, chances are there are multiple steps and we are multi-tasking by cooking multiple things at once.
  • Short-Term Memory. Since cooking involves multi-tasking, we might be chopping vegetables and have to be conscious of the water boiling on the stove or the dish cooking in the oven.

Are you a cooking expert? Learning a new recipe and trying to memorize it or taking a cooking class are ways that you can continue to challenge your brain with cooking!



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