Examples of Age Related Memory Loss

  • Spending extra time looking for where you last placed your keys
  • Having trouble remembering names or faces of people from your past
  • Forgetting words in the middle of a conversation
  • Being unable to remember why you walked into a room

The Effects of Age Related Memory Loss

Scientists estimate that we lose 30,000-50,000 brain cells every day as we age. This is a contributing factor to age related memory loss. Because our brain controls everything we do, suffering from age related memory loss can mean more than occasional forgetfulness.

Along with “senior moments,” the age related memory loss can also lead to a loss in your ability to focus, pay attention or stay on task. These issues can cause real problems in the workplace or in our relationships.

What can you do to support brain health?

Along with living a healthy lifestyle to keep your body from experiencing the effects of aging, taking the unique brain health supplement, Prevagen, once daily has been shown to improve memory and support healthy brain function.

Want to learn more about fighting age related memory loss?

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